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Even the finest watches will need their batteries replaced to ensure they continue to tell time accurately. Luckily, Jewelry by Christopher carries a variety of watch battery sizes and types to ensure your watch stays right on time. Most luxury watch batteries can be replaced in minutes while you wait, at a price that can’t be beat – only $5 per watch battery replacement!Visit Jewelry by Christopher today and we will have your watch running just like new.
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Quality, high end jewelry and precision repair work too!! This is the jeweler to go to in this town!! He is the best!!! I have quite a few antique platinum pieces that needed attention. He repaired my 1947 Tiffany and Company diamond and ruby 18K rose gold flip top bracelet watch perfectly and accurately.
~ Pamela Helen Gunchick


Quartz-operated watches, one of the most common types of modern watches, are generally more accurate at keeping time than automatically wound or manually wound watches. 

Manually wound watches are among the oldest watch designs still in use. They rely on the user manually winding the watch spring to keep the timepiece ticking accurately, and will slow down or stop altogether if the timepiece is not frequently wound.

Automatically wound watches will only continue to keep time for roughly 72 hours after being removed from the wrist, as they rely on a weighted element that moves with the wearer’s motion to continually wind the hairspring/mainspring, keeping the watch running. 

Quartz-operated watches rely on a battery to pass a current through a small quartz crystal, resulting in the crystal vibrating at 32,000 vibrations per second which allows for extremely accurate timekeeping. 

Most quartz-operated watches last 4 years or more on their initial battery, with efficiency decreasing over time as parts become worn and less lubricated requiring battery replacement every couple of years through the life of the watch.


Does your watch strap need sizing, or links added or removed? Jewelry by Christopher can help you to size your watch for the best wrist placement and comfort in a matter of minutes, all while you wait. 

Stop by Jewelry by Christopher in Rockford today and we’ll have your watch running like new! 

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