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Just as you would trust your home to your homeowners insurance policy, trust your jewelry to the jewelry insurance specialists. Christopher's has partnered with Perfect Circle Jewelry Insurance by Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company to offer you peace of mind on your favorite pieces of jewelry. Protect your cherished items from theft, damage, loss or mysterious disappearance with insurance on Jewelry by Christopher unique jewelry.

Insuring an engagement ring, wedding ring or other piece of jewelry from Christopher's is easy. Contact Jewelry by Christopher at 815.227.5500 today to get a quick quote on insuring your jewelry.
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Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company jewelry experts take note of the unique jewelry designs by Christopher's so that if you need a repair or replacement, you will receive the same kind of quality as your existing jewelry. Their goal is that each piece should be indistinguishable from the original. Insuring an engagement ring, wedding ring or any custom jewelry can give you peace of mind in protecting your custom design.

If you purchase a loose stone from Christopher's, Perfect Circle Jewelry Insurance coverage can also protect stones set by Christopher's.

Loss or even mysterious disappearance of your jewelry is hard enough. You can avoid additional expenses with a $0 deductible option without sacrificing coverage. Christopher's will walk you through how to insure a ring or other piece of jewelry with ease.
Call 815-227-5500 or visit Jewelry by Christopher to get insurance on jewelry today!
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