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Jewelry Design Process


1. The custom jewelry design process at Christopher's Fine Jewelry is all about the Rockford, IL customer. Christopher believes that the jewelry you wear should be an expression of your personality, your passions and your lifestyle. With many years of experience, he will work with you to create a unique and one-of-a-kind piece that reflects your personal vision and your budget.

2. Once everyone has agreed on a concept and design, Christopher will begin the process of making a wax or Resign model for your final approval. If any changes need to be made or any details are off, these can be corrected before the casting process.

3. After your design has been approved, the model is set for casting. Using state-of-the-art equipment, even the most tricky and intricate designs come out flawlessly.

4. Some designs require hand fabrication with sheet, bar stock and wire. This traditional style of jewelry making yields spectacular results and can be a bit more time consuming than more modern methods.

5. The stone setting process is when your design really starts to come to life. Christopher hand sets your stones with quality and care to make sure that each custom wedding band and other handcrafted jewelry is made with old fashioned craftsmanship. Unlike mass-produced jewelry that casts stones in place, each diamond and gemstone is meticulously laid out and fitted into the metal by hand.

6. Hand engraving is also an important step for many of the custom handmade jewelry designs created at Christopher's Fine Jewelry. While carving can be completed during the wax or resign model stage, hand engraving is much finer and more detailed when completed by a master craftsman. This step of the design process requires a steady hand and many years of experience!

7. The finishing process is the final step in custom jewelry design. There are many different types of surface finishes that can be used on custom jewelry that ranges from gorgeous high polishes to coarse hammered backgrounds and everything in between. This is also the part of the process where your master craftsman will go over the quality of the ring before marking, to make sure your design requests have been meticulously followed.
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This is the ring Christopher created for my husband! We are 110% satisfied with every aspect of our experience with Christopher and his staff. I would recommend ALWAYS working through a custom jeweler and NEVER wasting your money at a retail store! This picture is beautiful but this ring in person is breath taking! Thank you Christopher!!!!!
~ Jeannie French Beed
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